The Power Of Color

Colors have an influence in our daily life. They can be symbolized and visualized as to indicate feelings, verbs, emotion, situations, environments, conditions, objects and products.

Applying colors into whether a logo or any design of sheet to mirror and impress an expression of messages have to be considered and researched as the perspective of the potential viewers are different in their perception of their design.  All color will not affect every individual in the same object and style. Different countries, cultures and difference of their belief are also an important factor in choosing color scheme in design.

The Power Of  The Color Black

Black:  Elegance, Mystery, Evil, Confidence, Sad, Power, Sophisticated, Secrecy, Power, Authority, Discipline.

The Power Of The Color Blue.

Blue:   It’s color of King, Power, Authority, Security, Seriousness, Corporate, Trust, Honesty and Royalty, Spirit and Devotion.  Natural blue skies and calm water that people associate with peace, tranquility, freedom and relief. Blue color also enhances contemplation and prayer.

The Power Of The Color Brown.

Brown: Down-to-earth neutral color, Brown represents wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness and dependability. Brown also symbolizes a desert. Brown also symbolizes a desert. Applying together with yellow, orange and golden will affect your design brighten up and to avoid desolation.

The Power Of The Color Gray

Gray:  Sad, Sorrowful, Mystery, Oldness, Peace, Gentle, Amenity, Calm, Mild.

The Power Of The Color Green

Green:  Fertility, Freshness, Nature, Relax, Relief, Peaceful, Secure, Patience, Harmony, Health, Vigor, Liveliness, Refreshing.

The Power Of The Color Orange.

Orange: Heat, Effulgence, Liveliness, Freedom, Sour, Hastiness and Stimulation

The Power Of The Color Red.

Red: Love, Energetic, Ambition, Courage, Passion, Aggressive, Vibrant, Attention, Warning, Dangerous, Purity, Joy, Celebration, Happiness, Prosperity and Good Luck.

The Power Of The Color Yellow.

Yellow: Brightness, Sunshine, Delight, Fun, Cheerful, Joy, Stimulate, Attention, Frustrate, Fresh, New Life, Happiness, Active, Sunshine, Vitality

The Power Of The Color Purple.

Violet/Purple:  Pride and Dignity, Royalty, Charming, Fascinating and Abstruse, having Power and Energy, Magic, Wonder and Disappointment, this is violet or purple color.

The Power Of The Color White.

White: Clean, Gentle, Tender, Hope, Love, Born, Truth, Virgin, Brighten, Cheerful, Kindness, Goodness, Happily

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